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Lighting Solutions

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Dualcom Technology Ltd also operates a trading company called LEDS Unlimited. The 

lighting division was established in late 2009 and has grown form only a few products to now hundreds of products available at

We carry solutions for a range of lighting applications with a focus and passion for Commercial, RV and Marine lighting applications.
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3D Lighting Design

Our 3D Lighting Design service adds an extra dimension to our product service and support. When a particular LUX level is required, or a performance visual is needed to get a project over the line - we can produce a detailed lighting plan with 3D modelling which will help remove any guess work in your lighting design.

This technology also helps us decide luminarie placement, lighting distribution curves (LDC), and especially useful when featuring a wall or element in a room. 

Contact us today and find out more about our 3D design service, and see how your project/s can benefit from this very useful tool.

3D Lighting Plans

Car Park Solar Lighting Design

3D design - carpark

Design and Lighting Simulations

Using a clients project floor plans and elevations, we can produce a detailed lighting design and report to show a realistic view of how our lights will perform in a particular environment. We can show a Three Dimensional view of the building, display Psuedo colours , LUX levels, Light Distribution Curves, ISO lines and much more using our specific product lighting files.

3D Design Environment

SouthPort Australia - 3D Plan

Pesudo Colours

3D Pesuido Colors

3D Luminance

3d Illuminance

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